Turbo Fire Reviews and Results

If you consider that the vast majority of products on the internet and marketed with a ridiculous slant toward the product, throwing out ridiculous phrases, then you can see why we would be very interested to look into TurboFire. This workout has boasted claims of working nine times more efficiently than other workouts, so we were naturally intrigued to see what it brought to the table that others did not? Produced by the ever reliable BeachBody, we had to take a further look into this.

turbo fire reviews

What do you get?

Along with the actual Workout DVDs, you get the following;


  • 14 Workouts spread across 10 DVDs. These workouts are incredibly difficult and intense, and the workouts cover a huge amount of exercises and techniques.
  • Fuel The Fire Nutrition Guide
  • 5-Day Inferno Plan
  • Toning Band
  • Core 20 Class

turbo fire workout


The Pro’s

  • You can quite easily do Turbo Fire from your home; you get everything you need to pull it off at home.
  • It’s very fun and varied, Chalene Johnson is a very likeable person to have teaching you – you will never be bored!
  • Fast results which keep you motivated for the 90 day period of the course. As soon as you see the effects – you will be further motivated to continue.
  • What you learn, you will always do after the course if you find that it worked for you – it teaches you long-term aims and how to keep yourself in great shape.


The Con’s

It is desperately difficult to keep up with. It’s not going to do it for you though, you have to put in a lot of work and effort to get the effects that it talks about. You are going to need to put in the hours and the time to ensure that this does pull off for you.


Who is it for?

Somebody who is completely unfit. You need to be in a reasonable condition at the start of play – otherwise you will just not be able to keep up with the program itself. You should get yourself into a decent shape first if you live a doughnut diet, before reading this Turbo Fire review, getting excited, buying it and then finding it impossible.


Does it work? Can you get good results ?

turbo fire results

It really does. TurboFire is a fantastic tool to go to if you are looking for a challenging, and highly rewarding, fitness course to embark upon. If you are ready to work up the sweats and put the time in, you will get a massive kick out of this great course.


As per usual with a BeachBody product, you get a 90-day money back guarantee. So if you buy it, and do not get the effects you were hoping for, you can get all your money back easily! So all the risk is on them – you have access to awesome material, and then you can work at it and see if it is for you.


But again, if you are not in a strong condition, you had better get fit before you try TurboFire, because it is extremely difficult to keep up with at times, you will need to be ready!


PiYo Workout Reviews – Does it really work ? What results of piyo workout you will get ?

PiYo Workout Reviews

For all of the people out there with weight problems, there are certainly enough miracle weight loss programs out there to cure us all! I mean, they all absolutely amazing results for no work whatsoever…right?


Well, the scams and bad projects to follow do. If you go with reputable fitness experts in the market, people like Body Beach however, you do find that the information gets a little more genuine if the workload also becomes a little more intense. One of the latest Body Beach offerings, PiYo, is getting a lot of press at the moment.


The PiYo workout result presented by many people is extremely positive, but does PiYo workout work effectively enough to be up there with the other big name Body Beach offerings?


How it Works

Does piyo really workCreated by Chalene Johnson, a celebrity fitness trainer, this is a system that combines both Pilates and Yoga, blended in with some cardio, to create a theoretical recipe for incredible fitness. There are no video exercise systems to follow, no high-end equipment needed and no ridiculous poses that make you look like you are trying out for a budget action movie.

It’s purely based on legitimate fitness techniques that make a lot of sense and can be the perfect companion for anyone looking to get fit as soon as possible.


If you can’t afford big weights and want to go for something that will take a little longer to actually work, due to the more minimal amounts of work involved, you will find a kindred spirit here in the PiYo workout. If you read any other PiYo workout review you’ll notice that one of the main benefits is the lack of things needed – your body, your will power and something to get the information from is all you need!


How does it help?

results of piyo workoutAside from burning away fat and allowing you to get stronger in core areas of your body? You’ll become far more flexible, too. It’s a way to really help define your body and ensure that you look as good as you can without having to resort to lifting weights heavier than yourself. In short, if you are looking for a useful exercise regime that actually does give you some useful information, and isn’t some pie in the sky super routine that only an expert could go, then PiYo is what you need.

It won’t turn you into a front runner for the biggest fitness magazines in the world, but it’s brilliant at bringing yourself some much needed definition and ensuring that your body is far more durable and flexible for the future.

P90x3 Workout Reviews

New fitness regimes and fads are coming out all the time, and there’s always something that you absolutely “must” try if you want to get fit and toned quickly. The problem for most people is actually seeing the benefits of this through proof, not just still photos. This is why we want to concentrate on the Beachbody & Tony Horton creation known as P90. P90x3 is a new addition to the range and brings a wealth of great ideas – but what about the actual p90x3 results? Are they as good as you might imagine them to be?

P90x3 Workout Reviews

Does p90x3 Work?

You are probably here for one bit of information only and is that – does it actually work? Is there anything behind craze or is it just another name on the list ready to burn away?


Well, through my own personal experience as well as the litany of websites out there with genuine proof of people using the system and getting fitter, it certainly does work. It’s a 30 minute circuit each day, which even the busiest person can fit in at one point, of sheer madness. It’s a really intense workout for half an hour, so you fit all of your work out into the one session.


Lasting 90 days for 30 minutes every day, you will be doing a fair amount of work throughout the next few months. However, you can see that from the results shown by so many people that there is something to it – people are going from being in a poor or very average condition to looking far more athletic and toned in a short space of time.


The best part about the fitness regime is the fact that it takes away the main problem we all have when it comes to getting fit – motivation. If you have motivation, you will do the work and get into great shape. The p90x3 results are there for you to see, and if you can find just half an hour and some energy to do the workout you will be well on your way to getting into the right shape in no time at all.


The creator, Tony Horton, has found a way of jamming in an hours’ worth of work into the half an hour. It’s incredibly exhausting at first as you won’t be used to such a busy half hour, and you might need to build up your base fitness before getting started, but so long as you can do the first day without collapsing you will be able to go from strength-to-strength in no time at all.

P90x3 Results

So, does the P90x3 work? Does it deliver what you would expect? Yes, it does. It needs to be you that does the work, though. There’s no sense in buying a fitness program and then doing nothing with it – it needs you to commit. The small timeframe every day needed is balanced out by the high level of workout, but if you want to get fit then this is the choice.

p90x3 vs P90x2 vs P90x

one thing that many people struggle with when it comes to fitness and getting fit in general is the amount of work that it actually requires to do so in the first place – why can’t we just get super fit by sitting on the couch? How much easier would life be then?

p90x3 vs P90x2 vs P90x

Thankfully, if you are willing to acknowledge and take on the high workloads involved in getting fit and healthy, there are many solutions out there. One of the best solutions, arguably, is the Beachbody system known as the P90x range. Created by fitness guru Tony Horton, this is one of the most popular fitness methods out there – right up there with the likes of Insanity as all-time web classics. It’s a stunning e-course selection that gives you everything you need to know before getting started.


The problem is that the p90x system hasn’t just stood still. No, it’s developed and grown again and again, and has spawned the incredibly popular P90x2 and P90x3 series. These are changes and developments to the system, although the older versions are still perfectly applicable. Getting fit and healthy isn’t like fashion – things don’t just stop working!


So, what are the main differences between the three programs?

  • P90xP90x was the original, and it was a 90-day course that was aimed at people who were overweight and wanted to tone up while cutting weight at the same time. This course was designed to offer a n easy solution that required a lot of short burst work, and covered a large majority of the body to help improve and strengthen it. However, the course has adapted itself over time.

Read more p90x3 vs P90x2 vs P90x

P90X2 Review – is this workout worth ?

Is the P90X2 Workout Schedule actually working, or is it just all fluff?

Now, unless you have avoided any kind of online activity for about twenty years, you will know the name Tony Horton, who is the creator of the hugely popular and successful P90X fitness regime. This program is for people who want to change their entire body shape within 90 days, and due to the success of P90X, Tony decided to release the P90X2. Although there are many similarities and you can read about the P90X workout, you should read this review to find out if it is for you, or not.

P90X2 Review

What Is It?

The P90X2 is made up of movements and exercise regimes that works to avoid reaching a plateau, and to keep a continued build-up of your body over a period of time. It is made up of three different phases, which are made up of 3-6 week courses.


The first phase is the Foundation phase. You learn the basics of exercise, as well as the best way to start working on your conditioning. Next, you work on the second phase – The Strength Development phase. It works on how to build your power as efficiently as possible, while avoiding injury. Phase three works on your balance and your co-ordination, to make the tasks as easy as possible. It also included a recovery schedule which can be used as often as you like.

Here’s what it will do For You

P90X2 reviews have given this workout schedule a fantastic review, but some do not tell you just what you are going to get from using the course. It provides you with the opportunity to work on manageable exercises, at a hard-working pace that will not burn you out. It uses a technique known as muscle confusion, and this is the key reason for you to bulk up in such a quick time.


It demands daily commitment for you, if you think you will get great results by putting in half the required workload, you are crazy. It does require 90 days commitment, every day.

Does P90X2 Work ?


This is a complete program – it gives you everything you need to work on your fitness and is certainly well put together and thought out – it is also well researched and certainly works if you use it.


It is also extremely flexible, it can adapt to you if you are a former couch potato, to if you are a fitness freak looking for a challenge – it can be scaled up. It even provides you fitness regimes to help you keep high recovery levels, while gaining the best of the treatment.


It also offers you great variety, where you do not do the same thing over and over – it gives you many different techniques, and even introduces you to yoga.


There really are no drawbacks to this course, it all comes down to how much time and determination you are willing to put in. But it does give you exactly what you are after, if you go for it.

P90x vs Insanity

P90x vs InsanityTwo of the top fitness methods on the internet today are the P90X and the Insanity Workout methods. We get lots of messages from readers who want to know what our personal opinions are on what is best for you. What the problem is though is that there is no way to tell you whether you should insanity or p90x… it’s all down to what you are looking for. They are COMPLETELY different. But today, we want to show you what each different exercise regime offers.


We first looked into the power of fitness around March 2011, so for a couple of years now we have been trying both of these fitness regimes out, as well as various others. We have had various people try out the courses depending on their needs, and have had a varying amount of replies. Both are just incredible fitness courses and it depends really on what you are after from your your fitness – is it power or fitness? It is one of those age old debates now, almost, P90x vs Insanity.


There are many pros to P90X is that it is a great workout for all-round fitness, power and cardio. It gives you three different versions of the workout system too – Classic, Lean and Doubles – they allow you to work at your own pace and get your ideal weight and power. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get built, or just add a bit of bulk, P90X is very much ideal. The best pro I can think of too is that P90X gives you a lot of workouts which you already understand and can do, you won’t need to spend most of your time watching the videos and learning nuances of how to do the actual workouts.


However, there are some cons too. The workouts can last a little longer than Insanity workout. It really does take up your time and commitment, and ensure that you have enough time every day. You also need to shell out a little on workout equipment, which means that it’s tough to do the workouts if you travel a lot as you cannot bring the equipment with you. There is also a bit of a plateau in terms of difficulty – after doing it for a while, it gets a lot easier.



Insanity vs P90X, huh? Well, now you know what P90X offers, this is what Insanity brings to the table. Insanity offers you the opportunity to completely turn your life around health-wise. It targets your weaknesses like cardio, and turns it upside down. It is a complete body workout, but it is much more focussed on cardio and you’re doing a lot more work than you do in P90X.


Insanity has fantastic pros, definitely. For example, it requires NO equipment to do it. This means you can literally do this anywhere, any time. You won’t need to shell out on the equipment, or carry it around with you. The workouts are shorter too, but the program actually lasts longer. This means that people will be willing to divide the time to do it, giving you motivation to finish the entire program.


This is also probably the hardest going training tool out there. This means so that only footballers and robots can complete the training process. But this means that you can push yourself to the very limit. It gives you that killer feeling at the end of the workout, too, which makes you feel like you are on top of the world. People actually call it “insanity high”!


However, there are some cons. For example, this program is NOT for beginners at all. It also isn’t for people who are looking to bulk up. Since the idea behind insanity is that you are using only your body weight as resistance, it’s going to be a very difficult task to bulk yourself up with the Insanity workout. The workouts are also very intense so if you are a starter trainee or somebody who has never worked out before, you will not get very far with insanity.



The Decision

6122097_origSo…Insanity vs P90X? It’s time for you to decide though, not ourselves. We all have our favourites here at WEBSITE, but there is no true winner here – this is for whatever your needs are, then it changes completely. They are both fantastic tools, and both of them will give you a light head after training and within a few months you will notice a complete turnaround in your life, fitness wise. The most important decider to make is…will you actually stick with it?

If your ideal dream is to be built like Stone Cold Steve Austin, then you should be looking to order P90X, and just go for it! I guarantee it will help you out and will help you achieve your goals if you give it a chance.

However, if you are looking to build your cardio up – perhaps years of sitting on the couch has dulled your cardio fitness and you have gone some way to correcting this at the gym, but want to take it to the next level – then we highly recommend Insanity workout completely.

We hope that you found this insightful. Leave us comments and let us know what you think about each of the workouts, let us know your experiences! Thanks.

P90x Reviews – does p90x really work ?

P90x Reviews


The P90x Fitness Workout is a hugely popular regime at the moment, it is gaining more and more success stories across the web. We have fully analyzed the program though, the good, the bad and the best, so that you will know fully by the time you finish reading this, does the p90x does work or not?

P90x Reviews


What is the p90x?

In this P90x review, you are going to find out everything you need to know about this popular fitness method.


It is a hard-working home fitness course which claims to offer the opportunity to have a ripped body within 90 days. However, the P90x demands that you work out six days a week, with an hour a day minimum. This makes it fairly time consuming for a person with a full-time job. It also requires you to already be in decent shape at start-up too, so if you are really unfit, look at something else to begin with.


You get the following with it;

  • 12 Workout DVDs
  • 100 page Fitness Guide
  • 113 page Nutrition Plan
  • Workout Calendar

You get one “day off” a week, the program takes thirteen weeks from start to finish. The routines below are here:

Weeks 1-3, 9, 11

Day 1: Chest and Back with Ab Ripper X
Day 2: Plyometrics
Day 3: Shoulders and Arms with Ab Ripper X
Day 4: Yoga X
Day 5: Legs and Back with Ab Ripper X
Day 6: Kempo X
Day 7: Rest

Week 5-7, 10, 12

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps with Ab Ripper X
Day 2: Plyometrics
Day 3: Back and Biceps with Ab Ripper X
Day 4: Yoga X
Day 5: Legs and Back with Ab Ripper X
Day 6: Kenpo X
Day 7: Rest

Week 4, 8 and 13

Day 1: Yoga X
Day 2: Core Synergistics
Day 3: Kenpo X
Day 4: Stretch
Day 5: Core Synergistics
Day 6: Yoga
Day 7: Rest

As you can see, you alternate between the plans above on differing weeks. So it keeps it really interesting, but it is very hard going –so be sure you are ready before you pick this up. There is also three “Phases” of the P90X, the “Fat Shredder” the “Energy Booster” and the “Endurance Maximizer” which target different qualities that your food will give you, if you eat right.


The Good

This is a fantastic – one of the best on the market in fact – if you want to lose fat, and bulk up. Tony Horton – the man in the DVDs- shows that the P9X reviews are certainly telling the truth – and the DVDs even pause to allow you to catch up with Tony again!


The workouts are nice and varied and you will do a lot of different things, it never becomes monotonous, and with all the nutritional plans and the calendar given to you, it makes it very easy to follow.


The Bad

The system is for those of us who are already fit, but want to get extra built. You should get yourself into a decent shape before starting this workout, as the p90x reviews state, you will fail if you are not in at least an alright condition. However, if you work at your own speed, you will be able to complete the workout given.


The course is rather costly as well. It costs up to $75 for the course itself – but it is not the most expensive of the list for sure, and if you stay at it, the investment will pay off.


The nutritional plans are also pretty intense and you need to be dedicated and ready to follow the plans.


The Overall Verdict

This will make you a much fitter person, and give you muscles you desire – it takes at least an hour a day, six days a week, but you have to be dedicated to this course – doing it half-assed will get you nowhere.


As you can see, the p90x reviews are saying the right things. It is a course that you can use, for sure, but you cannot use it the same as other courses – this requires monk-like dedication.

shaun t insanity workout reviews

_4616100_origInsanity Workout Review

There are only a few humans in this world who are happy with how they look. Everybody has something tiny they would change about them – some people their entire body. Everybody who wants to lose weight wants to do so quickly.

You could always go out and buy the latest supplements which promise to burn fat away. But we all know these things don’t ACTUALLY work if you just sit on them. You need to exercise. This is why the market for Home Improvement e-books and e-courses has catapulted in the last few years.

One of the most popular of these courses is Insanity Workout. I intend to let you know what and how it works, but also whether or not this is something you would actually use or get any use out of before you purchase it.

How does Insanity Workout work ?

The Insanity Workout model uses the exercise principles of “Max Interval Training” which is an enhanced form of interval training, where you do bursts of short – but intense – aerobic exercises, and using very small recovery times. The ideal behind this is splitting your workout into modules, or intervals.


Basically, as opposed to doing a five-minute run, you will jog for two minutes, sprint for a minute, work for a minute, and then run for a minute. Not only does this keep things exciting, it helps you maximise your time, and spend less time doing low-impact training regimes. It also helps you calibrate the amount of calories that each exercise burns – and how to best burn off calories.


If you think of your exercise as a run with a small jog – you will spend more time running, less time jogging, therefore burning more weight, and using your time the best. Insanity Workout results in you optimising your time.


The key to Insanity Workout is the intensity behind it. Other methods give you a plan, but Insanity offers you how to use the plan best. You do the hardest part of the exercise for the longest – a key change to other courses – this means you will get the best weight loss possible.


However, this is a very difficult method to do. If you are not used to exercise, this can be killer to begin with. The difficulty is within the name – it could drive you to insanity!


However, if you can deal with the endurance, you will lose weight very quickly.

shaun t insanity workout

Insanity Workout Equipment ?

Insanity Workout Equipment

The best benefit of Insanity Workout if it required NO specific equipment to actually use the course. The only recommended item within the actual course is a heart-rate monitor, and a yoga mat, though the yoga mat is just for comfort. The Heart Monitor is just for keeping check – there is nothing for you to buy that is a necessity.


The main put-off for working out is “Where do I put all the equipment?” this means that you do not have this issue/excuse with Insanity Workout. This means all you really need to do this workout is some motivation and a bit of space in front of the TV.



Though if you go to read other Insanity Workout reviews, they will say the same thing, there is only really one thing to say regarding this course. Nothing out there can give you the same intense, powerful method. The only thing I can think of which would meet this type of intensity is military or sports training.
Not only does it work well, it works for both sexes. If you are not a workout freak who wants giant muscles – you want to lose weight and build your cardio – this is the best option out there on the market. Insanity Workout results in getting going very quickly.
It’s also very easy to get going and use. 45-minutes a day is required for each workout, this means you can certainly find an hour in the day to do these workouts, making it easy to do and accessible. This means you can even do it on your break at work.
Though this is not for the body builder in you, this is the best program I have came across which helps people lose weight, and tone up fast. This is more of a way to train, than just a solution – this is a lifestyle choice, and a really good one.



Though I am a huge fan of Insanity, I will not tell you it is perfect, it is not. For somebody who is not in shape to begin with – this program is action intensive, there is little concentration on warm ups or preparing yourself – you are expected to do this yourself. This can make it very hard to get going for somebody who is unfit to begin with.


It is also, as stated above, not much use to anybody who wants to build their power and mass. This is for athleticism, and stamina, as well as weight loss, not a bodybuilding course.


Also, this HAS to be done daily, or it will just not be enough for you. If you do not have an hour – do not buy this course, you will just waste it and your own money.


The course lasts for 60 days – can you spare 60 hours for 60 days, an hour a day? This means people with crazy schedules may risk missing out, or burning themselves out, so beware if you have a hectic life.


It is also very expensive in this line of work. About $120, this is a few months gym membership, in comparison. If you like to see things through, go for it for sure, but if you like shiny new objects –keep your money as you will not use it enough to make it worth your while.

Does Insanity Work – is it Worth It ?

Does Insanity WorkLike described above, this depends on what type of person you are. Insanity Workout results in success if you are looking for a powerful, challenging, results driven course, and something that will whip you into shape in a short(in comparison) length of time, this is a great course for you and will thoroughly enjoy it, and the challenge it brings.

However, if you are either lazy, want something slow, dreadfully unfit, or live a very hectic life, or if you want to bulk up to Hulk Hogan standards, I would recommend you do not go for this. It is as useful as you make it to be, so decide on this before spending the considerable haul.

shaun t hip hop abs reviews and results

hip hop abs reviewsHip Hop Abs Review and results

Shaun T released a fitness regime a few years ago called Hip Hop Abs. The aim of the game with Hip Hop Abs is to mould your body into a sculpture, and to get rid of all that unwanted excess weight. It has since its release had a lot of people interested in it and getting involved with it. There have been sceptics about whether or not that the workout program itself lived up to the Hip Hop Abs reviews that it was getting, so we have looked further into it;


What is it about?

It is a workout regime, where your primary target to change a specific area of your body is, in this case, the abdomen and also to tone out other areas like the arms, buttocks and legs. This is not a crazy workout regime; you will find yourself keeling over doing Hip Hop Abs. If you are after an exerting challenge, perhaps you should look at Insanity Workout.


In the DVD package itself, there are four routines outlined to you, all different from the next. They also all have varying durations, keeping the action varied and interesting. Firstly though, you will watch an introduction video where Shaun T will go through his “tilt, tuck and tighten” method, and what you can expect from the rest of the course if you stick with him.


The other routines explain;

  • Cardio routines with the idea of burning away fat
  • How to achieve a “washboard” abs look
  • Full-body cardio workout and extra workouts

What Do You Get?

shaun t hip hop absAlongside the DVD, you get a fantastic set of bonuses with it, just for buying the guide! You get as extras;

  • A Nutrition Guide
  • A measurement card to track how you are getting along
  • Full access to customer service support
  • 30-day Workout calendar
  • Bonus DVDs about extra workouts and even how to dance!
  • 6-day Slim Down Plan
  • Run Diet Guide

Does hip hop abs really work?

hip hop abs results

Most people will find that Hip Hops Abs review do that product justice. It certainly helps people slim down and get back into a desirable shape. After the first day or so, you will struggle a little more if you are not used to working out, but eventually you get past the extra pain that you get after working out, and start to enjoy it more and more.


It is not the most taxing workout method in the world and nor does it need to be, the tips and tricks inside made it a valuable and very worthwhile workout guide.


Most people have reported an improvement in their conditioning by the end of just two weeks, and have never found themselves straying from the workout, getting too exhausted, or finding it boring. The product has received a large following and lots of good reviews, because it does exactly what it promises to, very good results if you work with it.


It costs $59.87, plus your shipping and handling costs. You can pay it in instalments too, if you choose to. With a 30-day money back guarantee, as well, it really is a no-brainer to try it out, it comes very highly recommended to us, if you are looking for a strong and efficient get fit course, and are not looking to build yourself into a truck-lifter!

Do The Focus t25 Workout Reviews Tell The Truth?

Focus t25 Workout Reviews

Despite actin as a key source of information and learning for many of us, the internet certainly has its fair share of skeptics. Because of the mass amounts of misinformation out there, not to mention the unqualified opinions that make up massive chunks of the web, it’s hard to know if what you are reading is genuine, helpful information or a corporate deal to make a product sound good. The fitness niche is one of the most afflicted, and many genuinely strong products can lose face or value because of a market with very few morals.


The Focus T25 fitness regime is a hugely popular form of fitness, and if you look around you can find various focus t25 workout reviews telling you different sides of the story. Some say it changed their life, some say it ruined theirs. So, who do you listen to? Our advice would be to look at the focus t25 results that people are posting online.

Focus t25 Workout Results

Some people are getting genuine, provable results from the program and are really benefitting from its system. While many people are put off by the high levels of commitment required to benefit from the program, it’s important to remember that nothing good was ever worth nothing. The worlds most valued pursuits like a quality lifestyle and a toned body don’t just come to you – not with modern dietary and lifestyle choices!


So, you need to make a decision – are you ready to do a genuine workout? If so, then you will probably find that focus t25 is just what you are looking for. It’s made for people of varying fitness levels as it offers advice for beginners to get to a comfortable level of fitness quite quickly, while it also provides plenty of little in-the-know tips that can improve even a seasoned fitness veteran.


It’s bespoke to your own level of fitness and your own desires, so whatever you can fit into your 30-second reps is going to be enough to get you going. The regimes are usually for 25 minutes for the day, and you just blast and fit as much as you can into those 25 minutes. The fitness sessions are easily mapped out and you can get the information & practical advice you need to become a more adept fitness trainer as well as a more efficient one. You’ll be doing exercises properly, which is key to being successful, and you’ll be able to modify every day’s session to fit your own capacity and capabilities.


This is one of the most recognized fitness programs out there for a reason – if you don’t like the usual dross that you see online from fitness trainers then look into the focus t25 system. It’s well researched and has a whole army of people out there with physical, real proof of how the system has helped them tone their bodies and get into the right shape & size as quickly as possible.