shaun t hip hop abs reviews and results

hip hop abs reviewsHip Hop Abs Review and results

Shaun T released a fitness regime a few years ago called Hip Hop Abs. The aim of the game with Hip Hop Abs is to mould your body into a sculpture, and to get rid of all that unwanted excess weight. It has since its release had a lot of people interested in it and getting involved with it. There have been sceptics about whether or not that the workout program itself lived up to the Hip Hop Abs reviews that it was getting, so we have looked further into it;


What is it about?

It is a workout regime, where your primary target to change a specific area of your body is, in this case, the abdomen and also to tone out other areas like the arms, buttocks and legs. This is not a crazy workout regime; you will find yourself keeling over doing Hip Hop Abs. If you are after an exerting challenge, perhaps you should look at Insanity Workout.


In the DVD package itself, there are four routines outlined to you, all different from the next. They also all have varying durations, keeping the action varied and interesting. Firstly though, you will watch an introduction video where Shaun T will go through his “tilt, tuck and tighten” method, and what you can expect from the rest of the course if you stick with him.


The other routines explain;

  • Cardio routines with the idea of burning away fat
  • How to achieve a “washboard” abs look
  • Full-body cardio workout and extra workouts

What Do You Get?

shaun t hip hop absAlongside the DVD, you get a fantastic set of bonuses with it, just for buying the guide! You get as extras;

  • A Nutrition Guide
  • A measurement card to track how you are getting along
  • Full access to customer service support
  • 30-day Workout calendar
  • Bonus DVDs about extra workouts and even how to dance!
  • 6-day Slim Down Plan
  • Run Diet Guide

Does hip hop abs really work?

hip hop abs results

Most people will find that Hip Hops Abs review do that product justice. It certainly helps people slim down and get back into a desirable shape. After the first day or so, you will struggle a little more if you are not used to working out, but eventually you get past the extra pain that you get after working out, and start to enjoy it more and more.


It is not the most taxing workout method in the world and nor does it need to be, the tips and tricks inside made it a valuable and very worthwhile workout guide.


Most people have reported an improvement in their conditioning by the end of just two weeks, and have never found themselves straying from the workout, getting too exhausted, or finding it boring. The product has received a large following and lots of good reviews, because it does exactly what it promises to, very good results if you work with it.


It costs $59.87, plus your shipping and handling costs. You can pay it in instalments too, if you choose to. With a 30-day money back guarantee, as well, it really is a no-brainer to try it out, it comes very highly recommended to us, if you are looking for a strong and efficient get fit course, and are not looking to build yourself into a truck-lifter!

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