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There are only a few humans in this world who are happy with how they look. Everybody has something tiny they would change about them – some people their entire body. Everybody who wants to lose weight wants to do so quickly.

You could always go out and buy the latest supplements which promise to burn fat away. But we all know these things don’t ACTUALLY work if you just sit on them. You need to exercise. This is why the market for Home Improvement e-books and e-courses has catapulted in the last few years.

One of the most popular of these courses is Insanity Workout. I intend to let you know what and how it works, but also whether or not this is something you would actually use or get any use out of before you purchase it.

How does Insanity Workout work ?

The Insanity Workout model uses the exercise principles of “Max Interval Training” which is an enhanced form of interval training, where you do bursts of short – but intense – aerobic exercises, and using very small recovery times. The ideal behind this is splitting your workout into modules, or intervals.


Basically, as opposed to doing a five-minute run, you will jog for two minutes, sprint for a minute, work for a minute, and then run for a minute. Not only does this keep things exciting, it helps you maximise your time, and spend less time doing low-impact training regimes. It also helps you calibrate the amount of calories that each exercise burns – and how to best burn off calories.


If you think of your exercise as a run with a small jog – you will spend more time running, less time jogging, therefore burning more weight, and using your time the best. Insanity Workout results in you optimising your time.


The key to Insanity Workout is the intensity behind it. Other methods give you a plan, but Insanity offers you how to use the plan best. You do the hardest part of the exercise for the longest – a key change to other courses – this means you will get the best weight loss possible.


However, this is a very difficult method to do. If you are not used to exercise, this can be killer to begin with. The difficulty is within the name – it could drive you to insanity!


However, if you can deal with the endurance, you will lose weight very quickly.

shaun t insanity workout

Insanity Workout Equipment ?

Insanity Workout Equipment

The best benefit of Insanity Workout if it required NO specific equipment to actually use the course. The only recommended item within the actual course is a heart-rate monitor, and a yoga mat, though the yoga mat is just for comfort. The Heart Monitor is just for keeping check – there is nothing for you to buy that is a necessity.


The main put-off for working out is “Where do I put all the equipment?” this means that you do not have this issue/excuse with Insanity Workout. This means all you really need to do this workout is some motivation and a bit of space in front of the TV.



Though if you go to read other Insanity Workout reviews, they will say the same thing, there is only really one thing to say regarding this course. Nothing out there can give you the same intense, powerful method. The only thing I can think of which would meet this type of intensity is military or sports training.
Not only does it work well, it works for both sexes. If you are not a workout freak who wants giant muscles – you want to lose weight and build your cardio – this is the best option out there on the market. Insanity Workout results in getting going very quickly.
It’s also very easy to get going and use. 45-minutes a day is required for each workout, this means you can certainly find an hour in the day to do these workouts, making it easy to do and accessible. This means you can even do it on your break at work.
Though this is not for the body builder in you, this is the best program I have came across which helps people lose weight, and tone up fast. This is more of a way to train, than just a solution – this is a lifestyle choice, and a really good one.



Though I am a huge fan of Insanity, I will not tell you it is perfect, it is not. For somebody who is not in shape to begin with – this program is action intensive, there is little concentration on warm ups or preparing yourself – you are expected to do this yourself. This can make it very hard to get going for somebody who is unfit to begin with.


It is also, as stated above, not much use to anybody who wants to build their power and mass. This is for athleticism, and stamina, as well as weight loss, not a bodybuilding course.


Also, this HAS to be done daily, or it will just not be enough for you. If you do not have an hour – do not buy this course, you will just waste it and your own money.


The course lasts for 60 days – can you spare 60 hours for 60 days, an hour a day? This means people with crazy schedules may risk missing out, or burning themselves out, so beware if you have a hectic life.


It is also very expensive in this line of work. About $120, this is a few months gym membership, in comparison. If you like to see things through, go for it for sure, but if you like shiny new objects –keep your money as you will not use it enough to make it worth your while.

Does Insanity Work – is it Worth It ?

Does Insanity WorkLike described above, this depends on what type of person you are. Insanity Workout results in success if you are looking for a powerful, challenging, results driven course, and something that will whip you into shape in a short(in comparison) length of time, this is a great course for you and will thoroughly enjoy it, and the challenge it brings.

However, if you are either lazy, want something slow, dreadfully unfit, or live a very hectic life, or if you want to bulk up to Hulk Hogan standards, I would recommend you do not go for this. It is as useful as you make it to be, so decide on this before spending the considerable haul.

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